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hey, bumped with issue for performing click action - what's could be wrong with that ?

Call log: - waiting for locator('#adminMenu_button') - locator resolved to <div id="adminMenu_button" data-test="adminMenu_butto…>…</div> - attempting click action - waiting for element to be visible, enabled and stable - element is visible, enabled and stable - scrolling into view if needed - done scrolling - performing click action i could see that it click on this element, but fails by timeout

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the click action on an element failing by timeout in Playwright even though the element is visible, enabled, and stable?"

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i use last playwright version, and chrome


There may be issue that your element is getting overlapped by another element.

Try using click with force or if that also is not working you can go for dispatchEvent.

You can apply the process I explain in My YouTube video.


i'm pretty sure that it's not overlapped


Let's try dispatch event click as I shown in above video.


If it does not work we will look for something else.

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