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Init playwright component testing not working as expected

Yesterday I ran npm init playwright@latest -- --ct and it, as expected let me choose react, vue etc, created the configs and relevant files. Today, for some reason, it's running a standard playwright init, even on new projects, it never get an option to choose framework. The only thing that's changed is the node version, yesterday was 14, today i'm using 18. Anyone have any idea why I might be experiencing this / things I could check?

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is Init playwright component testing not working as expected with Node 18?"

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Ahhhh, it looks like using node 18 breaks it, the options return if I use node 16


It's a npm bug with Node 18, only with Powershell. https://github.com/npm/cli/issues/3136


I also had the issue and solved it by uninstalling 18.12.1 and install 18.16.1 Pretty straigthforward if you use nvm

> nvm uninstall 18.12.1
Uninstalling node v18.12.1... done
> nvm install 18
Downloading node.js version 18.16.1 (64-bit)... 
Extracting node and npm...
npm v9.5.1 installed successfully.

Installation complete. If you want to use this version, type
nvm use 18.16.1
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