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No-code to come?

aske_dk_2900happinessposted in #help-playwright
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Are there any plans for Playwright to become a no-code tool as well? Codegen works really well, but one still neeeds to read code to understand whats going on. To me it seems like you're "just" a feature away from being no-code as well. If you're willing to reveal it, I would like to know if it's part of the plans to target users who doesn't understand code as well?

This thread is trying to answer question "Are there any plans for Playwright to become a no-code tool to target users who don't understand code?"

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You might take a look at Reflect (no-code) and/or ZeroStep (code but mostly English prompting). Auto-playwright is also an entirely open implementation of the ZeroStep concept.

https://reflect.run https://zerostep.com https://github.com/lucgagan/auto-playwright


Thank you, I'm gonna look into that. However, I work in the government and we can't use any new product without rigorous security validation first. So I'm more curious to know if Playwright themselves are going in that direction as well.

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