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deflake --runs_per_test=100 - bazel

leblancmenesesposted in #help-playwright
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Is there any project that helps deflake playwright tests? I want to make my tests to be verified not flaky before they are submitted and part of our CI pipeline.

bazel test has a parameter --runs_per_test=100 to help deflake e2e tests.
I was thinking of attempting this with mcr.microsoft.com/playwright:v1.35.0-jammy and https://bazel.build/remote/sandbox

However, what is the community using for deflaking?

This thread is trying to answer question "What is the community using for deflaking playwright tests?"

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You can do --repeat-each 100. It is a good starting point.

I am midway of writing an article about the best ways to detect flaky tests automatically, and will be releasing a small package to help with that too.

Will share in this thread when it is out


for hermetic setup will you be utilizing docker compose or kubernetes?

docker is good enough

Make sure to scope the --repeat-each=100 with the path of tests touched in the PR so you only repeat those 100x, and the others run normally.

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