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not able to use storagestate in POM design pattern

chandan0523posted in #help-playwright
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I am able to generate Authjson file in the setup but while navigating to the url using POM structure launching another instance of the browse thus not the using the storage state . Can somebody help me to understand how to use storage state in POM structure and custom fixture , thanks

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I use storage state in a POM structure with custom fixtures in Playwright?"

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Would you be able to share your code?

It would be easier for me or other to help

Thanks for the response , here r my config, test, PO setup file

Plz ignore line 10 in testfile , i was just trying here n der

In playwright.config.ts line 43 just use storageState: '.LoginAuth.json'

Ideally, try creating a file without dot as first character, it's a bit confusing

If i use like this its not able to find the location , i have remove dot as first character but still the same issue , its not hsing storageState

then the path is wrong, but dot is not necessary


But still another issue , i can see the title is correct but page is login , seeing an instance launched but overtaken by another instance which is taking me to login screen 🤦🏻‍♂️

Have you ever seen an issue when there is more than 1 describe block in a test and the describe blocks after the first is not using the storagestate?

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