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Teardown example (in dependency pattern)

I use the recommended dependency pattern from the doc, which is very well explained for the setup part. But I'm struggling with the teardown part, as I can't find any examples of what the gloabal.teardown.ts file should contain. I've tried to use a test function in it, mimicking the setup, but it fails with no logs at all (my setup succeeded with no logs at all either) contrary to what I understood from the docs

I'm willing to contribute to the docs to make it more clear about it, once I'll have really understand it myself 😄

This thread is trying to answer question "What should the `global.teardown.ts` file contain in the recommended dependency pattern?"

3 replies

global/setup are not included in the report, only project dependencies appear in the report

I'm using the UI, not the report

Actions are added in the list but then vanish at the end

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