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how to open chrome extension and interact with it

manoj.pachipulusudeque.com_63215posted in #help-playwright
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I have created my own chrome extension. I want to install the extension and open the extenion from the developer toolbar and interact with the extension to perform the automation tests

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I open and interact with my own Chrome extension from the developer toolbar for automation testing?"

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Take a look here:

there are some limitations: you cannot trigger actions but you can always open any page you have available in your extension by open chrome-extension://<extension ID>/my-extension-page.html for instance


yes I have looked this documentation.


but i want to open the extension from the developer toolbar and click on some elements in the extension

but are you extending the devtools?

or it's just some popups and actions?


extending the devtools it not an popup

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