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Avoid duplicate in test report

I have a setup project that other projects depends on. When I run tests in ci pipeline with shards the setup project have to run in all the shards and after I merge the reports I get duplicates of the setup test. Is there a way to avoid test duplicates in report. Remove duplicates or not report tests from a project?

This thread is trying to answer question "Is there a way to avoid test duplicates in report, remove duplicates or not report tests from a project?"

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I think there is no way as far as I know. You could opt using global setup instead of project dependencies, global setup is not traceable and does not end up in the report if I'm not mistaken.

but IMO you should leave as it is. If you would remove it from the report and in one shard the setup will fail, how will you know why it failed? you will not have any data about it

Yes, I agree that leaving out tests from report is not good practice. I was looking into TestRail and tried to upload a test run, but got a error because of duplicates in the junit report. Maybe I could remove the test only in xml file.

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