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Add context information to html report

Hi everyone!

I am interested in adding extra information to the html report. I found this merged feature https://github.com/microsoft/playwright/pull/12734 but can't find any documentation regarding this. Does anyone know if this or something similar is possible currently?

This thread is trying to answer question "How can one add extra information to the HTML report using the merged feature from the Playwright project?"

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It’s somewhat possible. There are some env variables which are added to html report as contextual information. But it’s undocumented. I don’t remember how those values are named, I will check it later.

Or you can search for CI variables in playwright project if you have time.

I tried finding them myself but not with any success. If you find them later please let me know. Thanks for the help!

Right, so there is this https://github.com/microsoft/playwright/blob/main/packages/html-reporter/src/metadataView.tsx/#L64-L124 but don't actually remember how to set them, perhaps something like process.env.revision.subject = 'blabla'

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