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How to change the default value of a fixture with default parameters given officially?

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import { test as base } from '@playwright/test';

export type TestOptions = {
  person: string;

export const test = base.extend<TestOptions>({
  // Define an option and provide a default value.
  // We can later override it in the config.
  person: ['John', { option: true }],

  // Override default "page" fixture.
  page: async ({ page, person }, use) => {
    await page.goto('/chat');
    // We use "person" parameter as a "name" for the chat room.
    await page.getByLabel('User Name').fill(person);
    await page.getByText('Enter chat room').click();
    // Each test will get a "page" that already has the person name.
    await use(page);

As in the above example, in the test case, how to modify the default value of person, such as changing John to Alice

This thread is trying to answer question "How to modify the default value of a fixture with default parameters in a test case?"

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Just provide needed value in use test.use({ person: 'Alex' });

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