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Playwright version 1.39.0 breaks gherkin-wrapper with a TypeError

After upgrading to playwright/test 1.39.0, I noticed that our tests that use the gherkin-wrapper stopped working with a Type error: body is not a function. Version 1.38.1 and earlier still work for me.

See https://github.com/Niitch/gherkin-wrapper/issues/17 for more details on the issue and how to reproduce it with one of the example tests in the gherkin-wrapper repo

This thread is trying to answer question "What caused the TypeError in gherkin-wrapper after upgrading to Playwright version 1.39.0 and how can it be resolved?"

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This package relies on Playwright internal functions, so it’s expected that it breaks when we e.g. refactor internal code.

Ah, that makes sense. From what I can tell, something might have happened to TestTypeImpl's _step() function. If that's the issue, is there a public alternative to that we could use?

I recommend to file an issue in this repository bug tracker so the maintainer can reach out to us. (We need more context)

Makes sense to me! The issue I linked to is a bug I filed in the repo. But seems like the dev isn't very active on that project anymore. Hopefully they see the issue eventually so they can connect with you and give the context you need!

This seems quite well maintained as of today: https://github.com/vitalets/playwright-bdd

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