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Waiting For Form Submission To Complete

stevanfreebornposted in #help-playwright
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Is there an established pattern for how to wait for a form submission to complete?

In my case when the form is submitted the page is essentially just reloaded.

Currently I've tried page.waitForURL() as well as page.waitForLoadState(), but both seem to be returning immediately since the form submission is not actually causing the URL to change.

Any advice?

This thread is trying to answer question "Is there an established pattern for how to wait for a form submission to complete when the form submission does not change the URL?"

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If there is a network request that is made with the form submission you can use something like - page.waitForResponse



Yeah that seems to get me to where I'm going.

Feels a little clunky.

For context the overall scenario is...

+ load a form at GET /Admin/Security/User/1/Edit.

+ Submit the form at POST /Admin/Security/User/1/Edit

+ reload the form at GET /Admin/Security/User/1/Edit

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