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HIRING: Need a skilled dev for a single project, fixing a decent size Playwright TS.

I'm looking to hire someone to help me fix an existing script that isn't saving all files, only some. This is time sensitive, but shouldn't take someone skilled more than an hour. I'll make it worth your time for sure.

This thread is trying to answer question "The thread is trying to answer the question of how to fix a script that is not saving all files as it should."

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Hi, do you have more information please ? Some code to share maybe.

The entire code is on github at https://github.com/iamtheyammer/fetch-ford-service-manuals (it will be tricky to test as you'll need my Ford login). But essentially, depending on vehicle, it will download part of the manual, all of the manual, none of the wiring diagrams, or all of the wiring diagrams).

@el.poulpo: Ps you're a beast at athenascope

Ps you're a beast at athenascope

AHahahaha old story

Oops I see now, four years ago lol. Pre-world ending Covid.

did you isolate which vehicle has or has not which document ? (maybe documents are not the same depending on vehicle (naming, existing, availability, ...) do you have errors (code or network) when document are missing ? or is it silent (just ford not sending document without error ?) is it constant ? or not ? -> network issue (your or ford side) is it not depending on the number of request made before ? (maybe Akamai protection ?)

I've identified one particular pain vehicle yes. The program as writting gives no specific error (EROENT). It's constant, but I can still access the website so it's not an authentication issue

Did you try to manually find (on the Ford website) the document that "is not download" for a specific vehicle ?

You can contact me for a discussion?

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