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Perform tests on real iOS devices

Hello !

I successfully launched playwright tests on a real android device using ADB, and I want to go further down that road by doing the same with iOS.

I know that there is no official support planned, but I recently discovered the existence of IDB, a Facebook tool that is iOS equivalent for ADB.

Did anyone tried to use it to perform tests ?

This thread is trying to answer question "Can Playwright tests be run on a real iOS device using the IDB tool?"

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Hi, as far as I know, Playwright ships a WebKit browser which has patches, including patches to the Inspector (developer tools) protocol to make it work with Playwright.

So getting Safari on a real device to play nice with Playwright might be a bigger challenge than with Android.

That IDB tool sounds promising though. Maybe it's something the Playwright dev team hasn't heard of yet. You could post a GitHub issue and make the suggestion.

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