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List of elements not a iterable

I am getting el is not a iterator in the for loop. Why is this? There is a successfull count of 15 elements

it('source patient column should light blue background', async({ page }) => {
        const el = page.locator(".grid > div:nth-child(n+16):nth-child(-n+30)");
        await expect(el).toHaveCount(15);
        for (let item of el) {
          await expect(item).toHaveCSS('background-color', '#cfebe3');

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the user getting an error that the element is not iterable in the for loop?"

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List of elements not a iterable

I tried all() also

TypeError: page.locator.all is not a function or its return value is not iterable

      87 |
      88 |       // to do -fix this
    > 89 |       for (let item of page.locator(".grid > div:nth-child(n+16):nth-child(-n+30)").all()) {
         |                                                                                     ^
      90 |        await expect(item).toHaveCSS('background-color', '#cfebe3');
      91 |       }
      92 |     });

oh, thanks. I keep getting burned by that

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