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how to bypass captcha and verification code sent in email?

I have a site that I am automating right now, it has captcha as well as email verification code. I want to bypass it, do I need some API key in order to do that? If yes then where should I put the keys? Can someone enlighten me with their experience?

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I bypass captcha and email verification code for a site I am automating?"

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You will need your developers to create a test mode which when set to true will bypass captcha

For e-mail you need a mail catcher server which you can access and take the code from there.

If your application has an API to authenticate with, and your frontend is using that API then this howto might work: https://playwright.dev/docs/auth#authenticate-with-api-request

Anyhow it's best to talk with the developers to find out which approach will work for your application.

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