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testing webapp with GitHub as authentication provider, best practices

elgato00001posted in #help-playwright
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Our web app does not support email and password authentication; only through third party services like github and bit bucket.

I’ve written the tests and they work just fine locally but the moment i try to get them to pass in the github action, the github auth just fails with “invalid username or password”.

Ive been researching the stealth plugin and other bot-detection stuff, but I’m still running into this issue .

One thing I considered is the password isnt getting set correctly, im using github action secrets.

What are the best practices in this area? How can i make sure a user can authenticate with GitHub successfully in the CI?

from the trace file this is what I see after the credentials are entered correctly. It's not even a captcha or verification; it just rejects my attempt 🤔

Thank you


This thread is trying to answer question "What are the best practices for testing a web application that uses GitHub as an authentication provider, and how can a user authenticate with GitHub successfully in the CI?"

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We have a similar issue where our auth is through gmail or microsoft. The best thing for you to do is work with the dev team to create an alternate auth mechanism for your test instances and use that to test your application in its entirety without having to worry about working aroudn auth features that are precisely built to keep bots away

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