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Implementing class reporter

Hey all, I am trying to do some custom reporting and I am trying to implement https://playwright.dev/docs/api/class-reporter#reporter-on-exit I have added path to the file:

reporter: process.env.CI
    ? [['html'], ['list']]
    : [['html'], ['playwright/reporter.ts', { customOption: 'some value' }]],

and I have added to the file what is in the example:

import type {
  Reporter, FullConfig, Suite, TestCase, TestResult, FullResult
} from '@playwright/test/reporter';

class MyReporter implements Reporter {
  constructor(options: { customOption?: string } = {}) {
    console.log(`my-awesome-reporter setup with customOption set to ${options.customOption}`);

  onBegin(config: FullConfig, suite: Suite) {
    console.log(`Starting the run with ${suite.allTests().length} tests`);

  onTestBegin(test: TestCase) {
    console.log(`Starting test ${test.title}`);

  onTestEnd(test: TestCase, result: TestResult) {
    console.log(`Finished test ${test.title}: ${result.status}`);

  onEnd(result: FullResult) {
    console.log(`Finished the run: ${result.status}`);
export default MyReporter;

but when I run tests I get code: 'ERR_PACKAGE_PATH_NOT_EXPORTED' and I am not sure what is wrong Thanks for response

This thread is trying to answer question "How to implement a custom reporter using Playwright's class reporter and how to upload the report to Bitbucket pipelines?"

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Your path to the reporter is wrong. Did you maybe forget a ./ ?

Wrong path, thank you!

regardin this https://playwright.dev/docs/api/class-reporter#reporter-on-exit is somewhere an example how to upload the report, or more how to access the report for uploading? I want to build custom upload to bitbucket pipelines


Do you have any idea about allure report test result generator?

not at all

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