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Send report after tests are done

Hello all,

is there a way to send reports after all tests are done from playwright itself?

This thread is trying to answer question "Is there a way to send reports after all tests are done from playwright itself?"

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what kind of report? send where?

all built-in reporters do something after tests are done

but to answer your question - yes

@skorp32 I mean the final html file

but I just found out about await reporter.onExit();

will try

you can always write a custom function to send the notification and the report with the webhook to any messenger or publish it as a static webpage


i am also looking for this one, i run tests in gitHub using github actions, and want to send the html report to slack channel, how can i do that , a sample code would help me

@butchmayhew: @butchmayhew thank you ...

@butchmayhew thank you ...

Using custom reporter, there is a onEnd hook which can send anything that you want https://github.com/cenfun/monocart-reporter#onend-hook

I end up writing my own reporter, that sends blob reports to GCS and then merging them in the bitbucket pipeline

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