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Playwright is unable to resolve import from a custom package

Mirgrating to playwright from cypress and I trying to import mocks from node_modules/@custom_package It complains when there is the import statement refers to type declaration (*.d.ts)

Example: import {ErrorCodes} from '@custom_package/**/enums'

Error: Error: Cannot find module `/node_modules/@custom_package/**/enums

I appreciate any help to resolve this issue.

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I resolve the issue of Playwright being unable to import from a custom package?"

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I think you need a customized tsconfig.json

Thank you! @jan.ostgren Could you share a sample tsconfig?

Will see if I find one

baseUrl": ".", "paths": { "@e2e-support/": ["support/"], "@e2e-test.config": ["test.config.ts"] }

Thank you! let me try..

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