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Is there a better way to extend goto()?

I want to extend goto() to use custom await logic, e.g.

const page = await context.newPage();

const goto = page.goto.bind(page);

page.goto = async (url, options) => {
  console.log('GOTO', url);

  await goto(url, options);

  await page.waitForSelector('.loaded');

Is that the way to do it?

This thread is trying to answer question "Is there a better way to extend goto() to use custom await logic?"

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This should work. Although I'd suggest not to overwrite built-in page.goto as you may need several navigations in test and on some pages .loaded selector may not present. I think it's better to use some helper like function openAndWait(page, url) { ... } or use Page Object Model.

The actual code was:

page.goto = async (url, options) => {

  const response = await goto(url, {
    waitUntil: 'networkidle',


  return response;

This appears to improve things reasonably well, at least until we figure out a better solution.

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