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How to avoid multiple test tags with --grep-invert

I use this command in the cli: npx run test --grep-invert '@first && @second' but I get an error message that no tests were found. How do I fix this error?

This thread is trying to answer question "How do I fix the error of no tests being found when using the --grep-invert command with '@first && @second'?"

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'@first|@second' probably

it's a regex pattern so && or || don't work as you expect them to work

@skorp32: "|" - it's OR

"|" - it's OR

so you want to skip tests that have both tags? but if test has only one of those tags then it should run?

@skorp32: tests with both tags should not be run

tests with both tags should not be run

dunno then, try chatgpt, this will be a bit complex rgex

my mistake is wrong command ) it's should be: npx playwright test --grep-invert @first && @second

hm, and that works?

interesting! good job then and sorry if I confused with my answers :/

@skorp32: thank you for your help

thank you for your help

answer: npx playwright test --grep-invert "@first|@second"

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