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Question about parallelization

runothedog12345posted in #help-playwright
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I have a project, which consists of many web pages. I have a file with tests for each web page. One of the files has a test, which is parametrized (encapsulated by a for loop) and that also get parallelized. Problem is, that each iteration touches the same object, so results are not correct. Anyway I could specify that only that test in the file should be ran in sequence, while the other tests should be ran in parallel? I thought about creating a seperate file, for each page, which would contain tests, that would have to be run sequentially. The other solution would be to create multiple objects and then each loop iteration (parameter) would be using a different object, but that seems wasteful. What would you recommend?

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I run a specific test in sequence while running other tests in parallel in a project with many web pages?"

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@runothedog12345 I have faced something like this as well when doing parametrized test. In my case I have 80 plus reports i needed to run luckily I have category and sub-category as parametrized input. I run # of category test in test describe blocks which run parallelly. Second point if you need to modify out file i would create one per catgory. Hope this helps.

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